Light in the Wilderness -exhibition

”Light in the Wilderness” exhibition has been presented in summer 10.6.-12.8.2017 at Kitee Kesälahti culture society exhibition space. The exhibition is based on an artbook by the same name, which was made in conjuction with 54 different sized photo prints. The photos were taken with a roll film which guarantees their excellent quality. This exhibition was unique exhibition to the corresponding international four year long exhibition tour which was the largest exhibition recycle in embassies by the ministry for foreign affairs of Finland. In addition an ongoing exhibition to celebrate 100-year-old Finland has been maintained at

New exhibition about the relationship between nature and people

A high-resolution photo exhibition is planned from photos taken by Tauno Kohonen. The entirety is built from a large base material which colors the pomposity of human kind towards nature and itself.  The exhibition brings light to the various perceptions about nature and its purpose for us. The traditional understanding of nature is something different what we might think. Are we in a way abusing nautre even though we adore animals, flora, landscape and the moments of light from an ethical basis. Even though the main theme of the exhibition is classical nature photography, the entirety will remind the viewer how nature corrodes, becomes polluted and even gets destroyed over time. Follow

Light in the Wilderness – international exhibition tour

In 2000-2004 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland enabled older Light in the Wilderness exhibition to tour in various countries as copies. The exhibition has been the ministry’s biggest picture exhibition presenting the nature of Finland and it has gathered millions of viewers in all the continents. The images have been placed in valuable public spaces, cultural centers, libraries and galleries. The exhibition has also been presented at fairs and events presenting Finland/Scandinavia.

Light in the Wilderness – exhibition has been permanently available at the UN headquarters in the Permanent Mission of Finland to the UN embassy building in New York.

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