Links to the Kitkajoki-portal can be found on the sidebar where media material has been gathered in video, picture and text forms. The material was gathered for ”Kitkajoki -Light in the Wilderness” TV documentary film as example material. Gallery includes 240 minutes of video material of the movie in 2 minute clips from various seasons, 218 photos from summer and winter and the introduction and texts of Light in the Wilderness- photographic book in eight languages as well as the most beautiful sceneries- multimedia show and Kitkajoki game (demo).

Kitkajoki portal presents river Kitkajoki and its watershed area located in the National Park of Oulanka in Kuusamo. “Videot Ylelle” album presents material used in an upcoming TV-document. The preliminary trailer (15min) can be found in the album “Raakaleikkaus Kitkajoki-elokuvan alusta”. The material for presenting the film is in the album “Kitkajoki- elokuvan esittelymateriaali (240 min)”. You can ask the required password from tauno.kohonen(at)

Images presenting the movie are in “Kuvat” album. Documentaries concerning Kitkajoki are located in “Dokumentit” album. Currently in that album is presented photographic book Light in the Wilderness by Tauno Kohonen in eight different languages. A separate multimedia show can be found in “Kuusamon kauneimmat maisemat” link.