Kitkajoki book

”Pure water – Kitkajoki – Kitkajärvi” -photographic book is ready for christmas markets. The book is sold at Ruka and Kuusamo central at later announced locations. Revenue from the book will be directed towards protecting the water ecosystems. The risks are known for the planned mining activity in the area. The book presents research, history, culture, art regarding the water ecosystems at Kuusamo and Posio area as well as comfort created by nature, pure food, fishing and the rare brown trouts which are unique in Finland. The book combines information. It includes texts from the classic artbook ”Kitkan maan” and ”Light in the Wilderness”. Follow

River Kitkajoki is valuable part of The National Park of Oulanka in Kuusamo. Many art books have been published of Kuusamo but only one of those is about Kitkajoki. That is Light in the Wilderness which has been written and assembled by Tauno Kohonen. In 1993 the book has been nominated as one of the most beautiful books. The piece includes a poetic story of the northern seasons and the time of day variation in nature in eight languages (English, Finnish, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Arabic and Japanese).

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