Book info 12/2016 – ”PURE NATURE, PURE WATER – Kitkajärvi, Kitkajoki” photo book

December 2016


The photographic book ‘Pure Nature, Pure Water’ tells about the research, history, culture, art, tourism and above all, personal experiences and feelings about the regions of Kuusamo, Posio and Viena Karelia. The nature photographs illustrate the changing of the seasons, lights and shadows. The digital online-version shows also videos, in addition to the photographs.

The artwork is in the making. Now on display is the draft of the layout (about 100 pages) aleady including some articles. The writers of the articles reveal research in their field as well as their personal relation to this geographical region.

The draft layout is finished in the beginning of 2017, and then the planning of the final layout begins. The photo selction will be updated depending on the need. The layout is modern. The publishing methods will be defined later, however, it will be also published digitally, in order for different language versions spread internationally.

We know that PURE NATURE, PURE WATER is now and in the future important for the wellbeing of people. Pureness has a greater significance than we are able to anticipate by the attraction and accreditation of this geographical region. The aim of this work is to gather necessary information for helping to keep nature clean. The Finnish State Forest Enterprise’s Nature Services (Metsähallituksen Luontopalvelut) has done a preliminary investigation for the region’s suitability as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, a status the area well deserves.

The informational photographic book ‘PURE NATURE, PURE WATER’, just like the documentary ‘Light in the Wilderness’ and the exhibition have been chosen to the Finland 100 Years festival program. The book is a tribute to the pure nature of Kuusamo and Posio, as well as especially to its precious water ecosystem.


1. Research about the water ecosystem of the Kitkajoki-river entity (including the Kitkjajärvi-lake, the Kitkajoki-river, the Ouluanka National Park as well as the Paanajärvi National Park)
The Research Station of the University of Oulu, Chief of Station and Specialist Researcher Riku Paavola (Research of the Oulu University)
The State Forest Enterprise’s regional chief of nature protection Pirkko Siikamäki (National Park Oulanka and its future, UNESCO project)
The Finnish Environment Institute, Chief of Development Sepp Hellsten (water ecosystem research at the Kitkajärvilake, Oulanka National Park)
Fish-farming plant, Ex-Chief Seppo Mustonen (the destiny of the brown trout population in

2. The history of protecting the regional water ecosystems
‘The war of rapids in Kuusamo’ and threats of today, researcher Mika Flöjt (history and the present day)
The writer, poet and nature philosoph Reino Rinne as protector of the environment, lecturer Pertti Sillanpää (dissertation research about Reino Rinne)

3. The cultural connection of the water ecosystem to Viena Karelia
Cross-border cultural connections to Viena Karelia, Licentiate of philosophy Jouni Alavuotunki (how the cultural community impacts the present day)

4. Nature as source of creativity and well-being
Nature as source of creativity – Pentik Oy, journalist Reino Hämeenniemi (nature as basis for art creation)
The effect of nature on mental health – Master of agriculture and forestry Mirja Nylander (from opinions to factual knowledge)

5. Nature as the basis for pure food
Nature ripens local delicacies – Korpihilla Oy, journalist Reino Hämeenniemi (tasting experiences of nature)
Clean fish form clean waters – Wild Food Chef Jarmo Ptikänen (chef’s recipes)

6. Personal stories about the area of the water ecosystem, the Kitkajärvi-lake and the Kitksjoki-river, experiences and life
Interview with the Master of Fly-fishing Pertti Komula (flyfishing ot the Kitkajoki-river), researcher Mika Flöjt
Nature Travels in the nature of Kuusamo and Posio, CEO Keijo Salenius / Basecamp Oulanka (the encounter of man and nature, internationality)

7. Pictoral showcase, phtographs and vidoes
The seasons of the whole area (Posio, Kuusamo and Paanajärvi / Pääjärvi), lights and shadows, Photographer Tauno Kohonen (journey to a set of values)